Nikon will trade you for your old camera

I don’t have Nikon cameras myself, but I know of a lot of students and professionals that do. You may not get rid of those lenses–nikon glass is really pretty, but you may be holding onto an older body that you aren’t using anymore. I just read this really cool little article at TCD about Nikon’s trade in program; they are recycling the plastic and the rare metals and minerals from the cameras and lowering their carbon footprint. And you get a rebate on a new camera for it. Pretty nifty, eh? 

Here’s what Tina Deines wrote:

Nikon’s trade-in program lets consumers send in their old cameras and lenses for a credit that can be applied to a new camera or lens. This is a win for the environment and for photographers who want to save some money.

How does the Nikon Trade-in Program work? 

Nikon lets you trade in any working camera or lens for select Z series cameras and lenses.

First, contact Nikon to get a quote for your trade-in. Then, purchase an eligible Z series camera or lens from Next, you’ll need to send Nikon your old camera or lens — it will cover shipping costs. The company will issue a refund equal to your trade-in value.

In addition to the environmental and social benefits of trading in your old camera, it will also save you some money. With new cameras and lenses starting anywhere from $700 to more than $1,000, a trade-in could potentially save hundreds of dollars.

So go check out the trade in link, and see what you can score with your old gear!

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