Brandy here.  I’m a photo professor, but in my spare time I’m a camera geek, and all-around arts nerd.  Say Reciprocity got its name because all my beginning students seem to have a problem pronouncing the word.  They get teased.  But they tease me back for making robot noises when I play with Photoshop, so it balances out in the end.

To see some of the videos from my classes go to my vimeo page:
You can check out some of my photography at www.brandyworsfold.com.
You can check out some of my other art on ig @brandys_crowtotem 

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  1. Hi Brandy,

    I’m not trying to rake up brownie points. That said, I’m just having a wonderful time in your class and enjoy your writings which are very interesting, educational and humorous. This is all new to me. I can see there’s years of knowledge to be gained, but hey, I’ve got about another 40 years, at least, (I hope).


  2. Brandi,
    Wasn’t sure if you heard or not, but Alyssa Barnes (a former student of yours) lost her battle with Cancer last week. She always talked about how much she enjoyed you as a professor.

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