Free Viewpoint Artist Lecture

If you’re a student at ARC, come to this lecture, as it's free for both college students and Viewpoint members!  These are a great opportunity for our students, and the lectures are currently on zoom, so they are safe for everyone involved.  :) PRESENTING YOUR IMAGES
 with RACHEL ROSENTHAL Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 7:00 PM... Continue Reading →

Sacramento Freelancer Grant!

I had another post set for this week, but I simply could NOT skip this information once I found it. I had to let you guys know. Sacramento county is offering $2500 grants to an estimated 650 "micro businesses" to help small businesses and freelancers (like photographers and (...)

Tips from the Pros

I read this really fascinating blog post by Darren Carroll.  He photographed Deandre Hopkins for the cover of Sports Illustrated in the middle of the pandemic. With no assistance. At all. As a photo teacher, it makes my little heart flutter. THE PHONE RANG LATE ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON. MY FRIEND MARGUERITE SCHROPP-LUCARELLI, THE DIRECTOR... Continue Reading →

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