Women in Photography

As it's International Women's Day, I thought that it would be great to emphasize women photography. Women photographers were overlooked in the beginning, with a few rare exceptions, like Margret Bourke White, a fearless documentary photographer, Or going back even further at nearly the invention of photography, Julia Margaret Camerot and her Victorian imagery the... Continue Reading →

Macro People

As we are winter break, I thought I'd add a fun photo piece into the mix. I do hope you like these images, and see the creativity in David Gilliver's images!  By Steven Brocklehurst, BBC Scotland News David Gilliver's entry in this year's British Photography Awards was a picture of a summer holiday with a difference.... Continue Reading →

Photography Emulating Art

There are artists who have emulated artwork among us; some of this came to the height of it's conception during photography's modern/postmodern transition and the concept of reproduction; Andy Warhol, Sherri Levine, Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman to name just a few. For some like Sherri Levine and Richard Prince, the idea was copying the... Continue Reading →


In my Intermediate class this week, I was showing macro lenses and someone used the phrase "microphotography". I corrected them, because there is a different between macro and micro. It comes down to the amount of magnification; in macro, they are things you can still see with the naked eye, but micro has a 20x... Continue Reading →

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