Cheaper Lens Toys

So, it's great if you can buy expensive lenses from the company that makes your camera-they will always work with your camera body, and that's nothing to sneeze at.  Same is true with flashes.  I've often told students, though, that buying a cheaper flash to begin with that you can make mistakes on and also... Continue Reading →


Artph 315 Blogs and Video Awesomeness

So, Trends in Software covers a lot of stuff, from Lightroom and Photoshop to social media intergration  (instagram, 500, to making videos, portfolio websites, and photo blogs...and more.  The students in the class dip their toe in the waters of what is out there to learn and get up to date on...and there's a... Continue Reading →

Holy Crap, Yo.

Nik is now free.  I actually read this two days ago, but I spent most of spring break sick (Because of you...You know who you are, coughing-in-my-face-student) and didn't have the energy to look at a screen let alone type.  Siiiigh.  But I am back!  With exciting news!  My favorite photoshop plug ins are now... Continue Reading →

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