Emory Douglas Artist Lecture!

There's going to be a really cool artist lecture on campus by Emory Douglas, who's a really important artist! If you have the time, it's a free event, and could be a chance of a lifetime! As the Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party and the graphic artist of the Black Panther Party Newspaper, Emory... Continue Reading →

ARC Art Scholarships

Hey folks! The beginning of March is when most scholarship applications are due at ARC, but we have a few different scholarships with different requirements in the Art department, so I thought I'd list them out here for you. The Kingsley, Gary Pruner, and Maddock Figure Scholarships require a portfolio submission later in March as... Continue Reading →

ARC Scholarships

If you are an ARC student, February is an important month; this is the month you should be researching and applying for Foundation Scholarships. Contrary to what most students believe, you do not need a 4.0 gpa for our scholarships, and you don't have to be a full time student, either. If you log into... Continue Reading →

Tips from the Pros

I read this really fascinating blog post by Darren Carroll.  He photographed Deandre Hopkins for the cover of Sports Illustrated in the middle of the pandemic. With no assistance. At all. As a photo teacher, it makes my little heart flutter. THE PHONE RANG LATE ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON. MY FRIEND MARGUERITE SCHROPP-LUCARELLI, THE DIRECTOR... Continue Reading →

Volunteer Event Photographers Wanted

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento is having their Women Build event coming up and would love for some volunteer student photographers to take photos during the event. Currently they are hoping to get coverage on March 4th and March 16th. You can also find general information about the event here - https://habitatgreatersac.org/get-involved/womenbuild/. If you have questions,... Continue Reading →

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