Long Time Coming!

Sorry it took so long, but here's the super cool night photos my students made for their last assignment!  It's not everything, but a handful of shots from each class.  Click each one for a larger view. You may need to brighten your screen a little if you keep it dark.  It's worth it to see... Continue Reading →


Help A Local Artist Doing An Amazing Project

Kurt Fishback has photographed some of the most important artists in the world. Since he retired from teaching, he's been doing an amazing project documenting California women artists. You can check out a video done of his work and see his previous books at the link below. He's trying to continue his work the way all artists do; through grants and art supporters.

Student Awesomeness

My digital photography class learns two different styles of night photography; long exposure architecture shots, and light painting. This is a mix of both types of shots. Enjoy! Feel free to leave comments for your fellow photographers to read! Come take a look...

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