Solar Eclipse

There's a solar eclipse coming on the first day of school.  That could be ominous, but I've decided that it's a pretty cool way to kick off the semester.  If you want to know more about it, check out this article by the LA times: However, there are a few important details: don't look at... Continue Reading →

Turn Off Street Lights that Interfere With Astrophotography

Oh my goodness.  I saw this and thought it was utterly brilliant.  Brilliant! From Michael Zhang: Streetlights polluting your shots of the starry night sky? A strategically placed laser might be just what you need. Destin Sandlin of the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay recently paid a visit to the house of NASA astronaut (and photographer) Don Pettit, who... Continue Reading →

Tips for Night Photography

There are many types of night photography; but I tend to break them down into manipulating light and not manipulating light. For example there is astral photography, night landscapes and night architecture, which do not tend to use extra light sources, but may use extra processing, like... (click post to read more)

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