Black Friday in Art World

Black Friday means a lot of different things in the art world.  For photographers, it can be a great time to get some deals on software, like the $100 price cut on the Topaz bundle ( or the 50% price cut (also 100 dollars off) Dxo's Nik bundle (  You can also, obviously, find tons... Continue Reading →

Black Friday…

As I told one of my classes today, I tend to hide indoors on Black Friday.  I hate long lines.  I hate christmas muzak over and over.  And I hate having to wake up early. REALLY, really hate that.  If you were an insomniac with coffee allergies, you'd sympathize.  Anyways, just because I'm not out... Continue Reading →

I will not be shopping on black friday.  At least not in actual stores.  (I don't like having to wear body armor when I shop.)  BUT, it is a great time to get some camera gear.  Lots of places will have sd/cf cards on sale, there's lots of lenses on sale, and even some cool... Continue Reading →

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