Artph 305 Materials FAQ

This is for Professor Worsfold’s digital class. If you are on the waitlist, I would either wait to buy this or I’d make sure you don’t open it and keep receipts in case you don’t get into the class. First and foremost, the camera. And not just ANY camera…you need a digital camera will FULL […]

Waterproofing Cameras???

I have a friend (ahem) who dropped their camera. That's horrible, I thought, but it might still be fixable. Then they told me they dropped it in saltwater. Oh.* As soon as they said that, I remember thinking that if they had this stuff on their camera, it'd still be okay. (well, not any breakage, but no salt damage). The product itself is pretty unbelievable, but

I will not be shopping on black friday.  At least not in actual stores.  (I don't like having to wear body armor when I shop.)  BUT, it is a great time to get some camera gear.  Lots of places will have sd/cf cards on sale, there's lots of lenses on sale, and even some cool... Continue Reading →

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