Waterproofing Cameras???

I have a friend (ahem) who dropped their camera. That's horrible, I thought, but it might still be fixable. Then they told me they dropped it in saltwater. Oh.* As soon as they said that, I remember thinking that if they had this stuff on their camera, it'd still be okay. (well, not any breakage, but no salt damage). The product itself is pretty unbelievable, but

I will not be shopping on black friday.  At least not in actual stores.  (I don't like having to wear body armor when I shop.)  BUT, it is a great time to get some camera gear.  Lots of places will have sd/cf cards on sale, there's lots of lenses on sale, and even some cool... Continue Reading →

Camera Innards

Ooooh.  I got this link of facebook, and thought some of you would love it.  This is a set of videos that show the deconstruction of a digital camera--what the innards are and what they do.  I would never try this with an expensive camera, but this version is something to you can pick up... Continue Reading →

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