Sacramento Mural Paint Day

Community Mural Paint Day is this Saturday, December 4! This is an exciting opportunity to participate hands-on and add your brushstrokes to the amazing mural that is in-progress at 4611 Freeport Blvd. The mural is a paint-by-number design and you'll be supported by lead artist, Jaya King, and her team, Uli Smith, Nicole Keith, and... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Creativity in Assignments

When I was in grad school, I saw a bunch of undergrad junior or senior year photo students in a panic. Suddenly they had to create their own work...and they didn't know what to do. They'd only shot assignments that teachers had given them. They didn't know where to start. They wanted someone to tell them what to shoot. But the problem is, that's not how it works out of school...

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