Flip Books!

This is a really fun, hands photography project.  While technically it's really easy to technically execute, the real trick is deciding what to shoot!  I did a really basic concept here, but there's so many things you can explore--moving objects in a frame, moving your location as you shoot, altering and creating the variation in... Continue Reading →


Perfection (through trial and error and cheap gadgets)

Light painting is cool. Orbs are cooler, and a perfect orb is the coolest. Using whatever tools you want (physical tools, NOT photoshop that is) make me an awesome orb. A perfect orb will get you partial extra credit. The best (per class) most totally awesome and complex orb will get the MOST extra credit...

Say Whaaa?

Extra Credit.  For all my classes.  (including Documentary)  In the form of photograph.  And the best part, you get published in an online show: Things Found is a free photography series that challenges participants to find something amazing in their everyday spaces. The challenge is: Things Found…In A Row Deadline to sign up at the website is... Continue Reading →

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