Light Painting

I showed my classes how using flash stencils, leds and cold cathodes could create some pretty cool effects. I was hoping to see some Halloween light paintings! Haven't seen any so far, so here's one from a class demo to get the ball rolling:

Wired Magazine Likes Light Painting

STREET ARTIST TURNED photographer 2wenty likes to stay behind the scenes, but his alter-ego Lightman is an adventurer who loves roaming the streets and beaches of Los Angeles. The artist, who used to create artwork and surreptitiously paste it up around LA, started experimenting with light painting three years ago. “I feel light painting to me is a reflection of...

Student Awesomeness

My digital photography class learns two different styles of night photography; long exposure architecture shots, and light painting. This is a mix of both types of shots. Enjoy! Feel free to leave comments for your fellow photographers to read! Come take a look...

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