Say Cheese

This is just a fun one, especially for those who follow the photo history class; it's a link to an article on something I didn't even realize was a thing: Why people said 'prunes' instead of 'cheese' while taking pictures in the 19th century

Bearing Witness, Black History

Bearing Witness: Manifesting Black History from Photographic Archives. Curated by CRC Photography Professor Kathryn Mayo Ongoing Exhibit(runs through March 12, 2021)Bearing Witness: Manifesting Black History from Photographic Archives is curated by Kathryn Mayo, Professor of Photography at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento, who teaches antique photographic processes and the history of photography. Mayo has been mining photographic... Continue Reading →

Gordon Parks

Gaaah.  Earlier today in my documentary class I think I said Gordon Parks moved to Chicago.  It was St. Paul.  How could I get them mixed up?  THEY ARE BOTH FREEZING ALL THE TIME.  That's Brandy-logic for you.  But on the way home I realized I'd been mistaken and typed this up.  And that 70's... Continue Reading →

Get The List!

The Ground has an amazing list they came up with for the 100 most influential photographers.  Obviously there's going to be some disagreement, but it looks really great.  I've got the first 20 here.  Go to THE GROUND for the rest! © Richard Avedon 1. Richard Avedon American 1923-2004 Avedon was the epitome of the... Continue Reading →

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