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Hi folks! November was crazy. Now that the semester is ending, some of ya'll might be wondering what to do if they no longer have access to a school's lab, or what to do when their Adobe membership expires. Well, this might not cover everything, but I just read this great DPreview article by Jeremy Gray... Continue Reading →

New (free) Raw Editor

Filmulator is an open-source RAW photo editor based on the process of developing film, and while far more limited than software like Lightroom or Capture One (it lacks tags, for example) its tone mapping algorithm is supposedly designed to be faster and easier to get a good result that mirrors the depth of color film.  Filmulator... Continue Reading →

Holy Crap, Yo.

Nik is now free.  I actually read this two days ago, but I spent most of spring break sick (Because of you...You know who you are, coughing-in-my-face-student) and didn't have the energy to look at a screen let alone type.  Siiiigh.  But I am back!  With exciting news!  My favorite photoshop plug ins are now... Continue Reading →

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