Finals Coming Up

At this point in the semester, we've covered as many topics as we can in 16 weeks and still make sense of it.  Now, students are turning in final projects and portfolios.  But by now, some students have burning questions about advanced topics they want to know more about. Maybe it's a photoshop technique.  Maybe... Continue Reading →

Great Article on Mindstart of Beginning a Photo Career

Found this had a different perspective on authenticity in photography. Check out the whole article at: It's a Friday in early August, and on the walls of the Joseloff Gallery at the University of Hartford hangs a student exhibition of the Hartford Art School’s MFA program in photography, where Alec Soth has been in... Continue Reading →

Photographer Rights

I was talking in class about your rights as a photographer when dealing with the police or security.  I think this does a good job of explaining the situation, but just because YOU know what is allowed doesn't mean that security/police know.  So be polite, but also be clear. Besides this article itself, there are... Continue Reading →

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