Enter Soapbox Rant Here

I get weekly emails suggesting photo contests to students.  Often, I don't post them, with good reason. Or so I think.  You can decide for yourself.  If you look at the complete contest rules, as you should always do before entering any work, often I find that the contest can be a way to get... Continue Reading →

Ansel Adam’s Act

It’s a sad state of affairs, but increasingly common in the US, that photographers on every level — from professional to DSLR hobbyist to iPhoneographer — are prevented from shooting whatever they want, wherever they want, in the public space. Texas Republican Steve Stockman (who left office after the last session ended) made an attempt to end photographer restrictions with HR 5893, otherwise known as the Ansel Adams Act, introduced on January 2, the day before the end of the last Congress...

Maybe Turning the Tides?

I just read a really interesting court document about a photographer who sued over being arrested and had his property destroyed while photographing police in the public.  Photojournalist Mannie Garcia filed a lawsuit against the Montgomery County police, claiming that he was photographing police responding to an incident involving two Hispanic men, and when the police saw... Continue Reading →

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