Awful Photoshop Tutorial Comedy…

These are awful photoshop tutorials, but they are supposed to be, so that's a compliment. Whaaaa? I can't remember when I saw these, it was years ago, but this is a youtube channel on how to learn photoshop.  The show is called You Suck At Photoshop, which should give you some idea right there. This... Continue Reading →


Submit your Artwork!

CALL FOR ENTRIES DEADLINE: October 21, 2015 Call For Entries TWELVE: Photoshopped! (December 2015) The digital photographic revolution leaped forward with the introduction of Adobe Photoshop twenty-five years ago. Today Photoshop is the essential tool in digital darkrooms around the world. Almost every image in print, on the web or in galleries is edited in Photoshop... Continue Reading →

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