Ard Gelinck Photoshops Famous Actors

When I was reading and article from the Met, I was so happy to see an artist using photoshop to create a project that I just know people will love. I did, anyways! Ard Gelinck has taken portraits of famous celebrities and photoshopped their most well known characters next to them--kinda twinsie style. Mark Hamill... Continue Reading →

Adobe Pricing Scare

Adobe says it's been "testing" it's website, including the payment plan options...which a ton of people started screaming about last week, because the Photography plan, which gives you LR, PS and Bridge, disappeared.  That means the cheapest plan you could buy would be $20. However, the mass influx of people cancelling their subscriptions this week... Continue Reading →

Flip Books!

This is a really fun, hands photography project.  While technically it's really easy to technically execute, the real trick is deciding what to shoot!  I did a really basic concept here, but there's so many things you can explore--moving objects in a frame, moving your location as you shoot, altering and creating the variation in... Continue Reading →

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