Viewpoint Student Lectures: Basics of Matting Your Photographs

GENE KENNEDY & Basics of Matting Your Photographs Thursday, February 16, 2023, 7:00pm- 8:300pm All students and Viewpoint members are invited to attend the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center’s virtual lecture on Zoom. Use the following ID: 858 9383 5284 and Passwcode: 267592 to sign in on your Zoom app. There is no link because there is no advance signup. These free lectures are designed for [click to read full article]

A Timely Post

Tomorrow (or Wednesday, depending on your schedule) all the students in my classes will have their portfolios/Final Projects due.  The general amount of mayhem and stress thrown around in class can get overwhelming.  But really, it's the daunting thought of grading all those portfolios and final projects that secretly makes me with some uber rich student who owns... Continue Reading →

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