ARC Art Scholarships

Excerpt: The following four ARC Online scholarships are specific to Art students who have specified their major as Art-Associate in Arts, AA Transfer-Studio Art, or AA Transfer-Art History; they are listed in alphabetical order and each has its own requirements. (Open blog post for full information)


It’s Scholarship Season At ARC

First of, I'm on the campus-wide Scholarship Committee.  I want students to know that it's not just A+ students that get scholarships.  In fact, there are even scholarships that are made specifically for students with C averages, others for students that want to become nurses or work in restaurants, those that have part time jobs... Continue Reading →

3 Big Scholarships and Awards for Students

Adobe is hosting its 13th annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards for students to and is now calling for this year’s entries. The categories fall into three sections: Trational Meida, Interative Experience, and Motiona and Video. The deadline for submissions is 21 June 2013. WHAT: Call for entries for the 13th annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA),... Continue Reading →

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