Cheaper Lens Toys

So, it's great if you can buy expensive lenses from the company that makes your camera-they will always work with your camera body, and that's nothing to sneeze at.  Same is true with flashes.  I've often told students, though, that buying a cheaper flash to begin with that you can make mistakes on and also... Continue Reading →

Photo App Craze

I've seen a lot of specialty apps out there dealing with photography.  In my Trends in Software class we've just covered the general/basics photo apps, but there's so much more out there.  A sea of apps.  Too many, if you ask me. Why?  So many of them are similar versions of the same Instagram-filter processing... Continue Reading →

Your Online Privacy

I don't like websites tracking me. I mask my email when signing up for an online service so I don't have to deal with spam mail. I'm also a little leery of tor, since true tor isn't really safe because there's no regulation at ALL. I'm always a little surprised that a few people don't know what's happening with their info, so let me explain a few things to you...

A Website.

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