Eye-Oriented Tech Tools

Now that all colleges are online (eep) something I've noticed as all of my communication is digital, is that I'm getting migraines WAY more often...so I went out spent more time online and bought some computer glasses. Computer/gamer Glasses There are certainly better and more expensive brands, but I looked around at what was well rated... Continue Reading →

Cheaper Lens Toys

So, it's great if you can buy expensive lenses from the company that makes your camera-they will always work with your camera body, and that's nothing to sneeze at.  Same is true with flashes.  I've often told students, though, that buying a cheaper flash to begin with that you can make mistakes on and also... Continue Reading →

Raffle Time…Winners Soon To Follow!

Have I said how much I luuuuuv my dear students? :D Well, as I told my digital classes, I'm having a raffle for some art supplies. I found a lot of portfolios I'd stashed away over the summer--some used once, some not ever...I tend to buy them whenever I see them on clearance and then tuck them away until I do my bi-annual studio cleaning. This year I found some goodies:

Tips on Night Photography…part 2

In order to make light paintings, longer exposures are used to record the movement of the light. Since this is done in dim areas, if the person painting with light wears dark clothes and moves continuously, they are usually not recorded in a photograph because light doesn't fall on them in any one spot long enough to...

Photo Toy for Christmas

I like all holidays, but I am actively for participating in any holiday that means candy and/or presents. Even better, candy AND presents.  Because isn't that what everyone wants deep down inside their little 8 year old heart?  Don't lie. I have the candy part covered this time.  I made fudge, divinity, and homemade butterfingers.... Continue Reading →

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