Tips on Night Photography…part 2

In order to make light paintings, longer exposures are used to record the movement of the light. Since this is done in dim areas, if the person painting with light wears dark clothes and moves continuously, they are usually not recorded in a photograph because light doesn't fall on them in any one spot long enough to...

Photo Toy for Christmas

I like all holidays, but I am actively for participating in any holiday that means candy and/or presents. Even better, candy AND presents.  Because isn't that what everyone wants deep down inside their little 8 year old heart?  Don't lie. I have the candy part covered this time.  I made fudge, divinity, and homemade butterfingers.... Continue Reading →

Black Friday…

As I told one of my classes today, I tend to hide indoors on Black Friday.  I hate long lines.  I hate christmas muzak over and over.  And I hate having to wake up early. REALLY, really hate that.  If you were an insomniac with coffee allergies, you'd sympathize.  Anyways, just because I'm not out... Continue Reading →

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