ARC Scholarship Opportunity for Asian Pacific Islanders

This scholarship is open to all current students at American River College who identifies as Asian Pacific Islander. The term Asian Pacific Islander is defined by the US Census Bureau and more information on who is consider Asian Pacific Islander can be found by clicking here. The info session will cover essay topics, essay samples,... Continue Reading →

Adobe Pricing Scare

Adobe says it's been "testing" it's website, including the payment plan options...which a ton of people started screaming about last week, because the Photography plan, which gives you LR, PS and Bridge, disappeared.  That means the cheapest plan you could buy would be $20. However, the mass influx of people cancelling their subscriptions this week... Continue Reading →

Fabric Sale

One of the costs that photographers often don't think about is fabric. We use fabric backdrops behind subjects in portraits, as backgrounds in still lives, and I've used in in collage work too... The Fashion Department is having a sale of fabrics ($2 and less per yard!) in the Science and Fine Arts Building, Room... Continue Reading →

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