Couple’s Engagement Photo Ends Up on Insane Erotic E-Book Cover, Lawsuits Ensue | Popular Photography

I am fascinated by this story.  This is a copyright horror story I have never thought up, and I'm notorious for being paranoid about copyright.  You gotta read it to believe it.  The article, not the e-book... Link below the awful book cover image. Couple’s Engagement Photo Ends Up on Insane Erotic E-Book Cover, Lawsuits... Continue Reading →

Woooo boy: copyright issues

This tuesday I drove down to a lecture by the California Lawyers for the Arts on legal issues for artists. Primarily, I learned a lot about legal obligations in contracts for art, some about art estates, marketing, etc. The lawyer mentioned how important it was in a business plan to have good online marketing...but here's the thing: for photographers especially, that gets tricky. You post your images on facebook or flickr to get noticed and bring in business, but in the process ...(click link to see full post)

Maybe Turning the Tides?

I just read a really interesting court document about a photographer who sued over being arrested and had his property destroyed while photographing police in the public.  Photojournalist Mannie Garcia filed a lawsuit against the Montgomery County police, claiming that he was photographing police responding to an incident involving two Hispanic men, and when the police saw... Continue Reading →


Saw this on Petapixel: Apple is constantly engaged in its fair share of courtroom battles, but its latest one hits a little closer to home for photographers. Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald has filed a lawsuit against Apple for using her “Eye Closeup” photograph to promote the 15-inch MacBook Pro’s Retina Display. Liewald claims that when... Continue Reading →

The 300K Lawsuit

I saw this link on Petapixel and watched the whole thing with horror.  This exposes a horrible abuse of power. But here's the thing: everyone who thinks they have a digital camera automatically makes them a professional photographer, I would think twice.  It is a job, and there are the same type of responsibilities as... Continue Reading →

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