Awful Photoshop Tutorial Comedy…

These are awful photoshop tutorials, but they are supposed to be, so that’s a compliment. Whaaaa?

I can’t remember when I saw these, it was years ago, but this is a youtube channel on how to learn photoshop.  The show is called You Suck At Photoshop, which should give you some idea right there. This show is definitely a satire, so if you don’t like really dark humor, don’t watch it.  Seriously. The Brady Bunch would have a heart attack in the first 10 seconds of this stuff. Go to for some nice, wholesome videos instead.

As long as you know that this is a made-up story of a guy’s miserable life that plays out through multiple photoshop tutorials, you will be in on the joke.  The funny thing is, this guy DOES know his photoshop tools really well, and you will learn something along the way…in spite of him.  He bashes the audience before he starts each tutorial (but I laugh every time because I can’t believe how obnoxious and horribly rude he is) and then halfway through a tutorial you’ll see how his own life is crashing down.

The first videos were made in Photoshop CS4, so the tools are all the same, but the layout looks different, since it’s a few years old.  He gets into newer versions as the story goes, and each time he covers a different tool.  It’s not enough to become a skilled master by watching these videos, but it is good for seeing different ways you can use some of photoshop’s tools and ways to create collages.  Watch at your own risk! And remember, I watched as he told me I suck at photoshop, too!  lol.  (If you do watch and like it, you can find the entire series at his youtube channel:

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