The Getty Challenge

Museums around the world have had to close due to the spread of the corona virus.  Many of them have online virtual tours and lectures that you can watch while we wait for the world to get back to normal.

But we have reached a new level of art appreciation when the Getty Museum challenged the Internet to browse its online collection and re-create works of art at home. It was a brilliant idea. It’s not just the Getty, the Met is in on the fun too, with the #MuseumChallenge.

Twitter and Instagram users rose to the creative challenge, using their self-quarantined inventory to whip together new reproductions. No household object, or tenant, was spared in the process. Pets, towels, cans of tuna, toilet paper and mac and cheese are just some of the tools used. My favorite of course, is the magical pug.  I would say go waste time on instagram looking at it, but if it’s art it’s not really wasting time, is it?

Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child

You can find more at Getty’s instagram page ( or add your own into the mix by tagging them @gettymuseum and adding the hashtag #betweenartandquarantine or at the Met ( with #mettwinning


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