Dealing with Weather in California

For a long time, there’s been no weather in California. Now we have a few seasons; flood, hot, and fire seasons. A student was worried about their camera in the rain last week, and I mentioned an old trick I had developed from living in the midwest during snow and sleet season: take a gallon ziplock back and cut off a corner. Stick my entire camera in the bag, except the very end of the lens, which I poke through the cut off corner. Your camera stays protected from the wet, but your glass still has clarity.

With that in mind, I saw this NPPA article about weather and thought I’d share. The National Press Photographer’s Association is a fabulous resource, and I can attest that I got a lot of value out of their membership–so if you do any photojournalism work, I think it’s worth the price. Still, they have plenty of free articles like this one regardless, with tips about photographing with weather; and even if they don’t pertain to you specifically, the images are stunning and inspiring!

Don’t let the weather keep you from doing good work — be prepared by Tracy Barbutes

Peter Kaiser scoops hot water in Takotna, Alaska, in March 2019, during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Photo by Marc Lester, Anchorage Daily News


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